Jai Gangaajal 16th Day Box Office Total Collection Income Earning

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Jai Gangaajal 16th Day Box Office Total Collection Income EarningJai Gangaajal 16th Day Box Office Total Collection Income Earning:Bablu Pandey the MLA of Bankipur locale and his sibling Dablu Pandey(ninad kamat) run a wilderness raaj in their town of Lakhisarai. They are snatching land for a force plant whose agents are supporting their gathering politically. The home priest of the gathering names SP Abha Mathur(Priyanka Chopra) as the SP anticipating that her should be delicate on hoodlums and strong of her guide who is the home priest. In any case, she goes hard and fast against the criminal siblings. Her subordinates get empowered by her bold demonstrations against debasement and gradually are conveying the wilderness raaj to an end. Bhola Nath Singh otherwise known as B.N. Singh(Prakash Jha) is a degenerate circle overseer who has helped the siblings for quite a while and utilizing legitimate escape clauses and other degenerate approaches to keep them out of damages path consequently for monetary and political backing.

As the siblings feel cornered, Dablu out of edginess commits the error of capturing a stranded high school young lady and her more youthful sibling who declines to give away the area. Amid the seizing Dablu assaults and executes the young lady and hangs her from a tree demonstrating this as a suicide as her dad had submitted suicide too under weight of offering the area. B.N. Singh wakes up in the wake of seeing this ruthless wrongdoing and tries to capture Dablu Pandey which begins a mob in the town prompting the more youthful sibling of the killed young lady to utilize his belt throttle Dablus neck and murdering him, seeing which the basic individuals accumulate around some more goons and degenerate Sarpanch and slaughter them and hang them on the tree guaranteeing it to be suicide and this likewise begins a chain response where degenerate individuals are executed in comparable way somewhere else. Abha is disappointed not able to control these unlawful killings and tries to control it. B.N. Singh gets harmed when ganged upon and assaulted. Be that as it may, in a last appear down Bablu Pandey likewise bites the dust and shuts the circle of political defilement.

Jai Gangaajal 16th Day Box Office Total Collection Income Earning

Jai Gangaajal 16th Day Box Office Collections: Rs 0.68 Crores*

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