Kick 2 Movie First day(1 St week) Collection Review

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Raviteja Kick Telugu film testimonial and Kick motion picture very first day collection: this Friday movie release by ola AP Telangana worldwide according to now this movie great and positive testimonials by all sites and its funny entertainer and mass masala raviteja is always appreciate is movies funny with masters so this is movie likewise like like is constantly but it new concept.As per the first kick film 2009 with biggest ship in tollywood now it’s time to Kick 2 movie.


Kick 2 Motion picture testimonial score:

Our score ( is 3.5/ 5

Terrific andhra score: 2.75/ 5

123 telugu rating: 3.5/ 5

is movie released in 1000 + theatres from all over world this is the biggest release theaters for Ravitheja

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flash point of kikc 2 film movie

Perfect Two film how many plus points is mainly is funny Brahmanandam videos play main function for the funny artist as like a star, thaman is offering great the song and background music is also really great and the one in charge combating scenes likewise extremely outstanding Satesh motion picture.

Minus points:

second half

Kick 2 Motion picture First day(1 St week) Collection:

O first day it gathers more then Rs 6.25 crore at the Ap s well as Telangana on the first day of its release.

so over all it collects 10 cores all over world in very first day.

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