Sultan 19th Day worldwide Box Office Total Collection

Sultan 19th Day worldwide Box Office Total Collection,Sultan Movie review budget worldwide collection all Sultan movie details on

Sultan 19th Day worldwide Box Office Total CollectionSultan 19th Day worldwide Box Office Total Collection:Sultan motion picture film industry gathering till today. Check all out film industry gathering of Sultan, profit made by sultan film everywhere throughout the world. Check overall gathering of sultan, finished its eighteenth day in the cinematic world. Gathering of people communicated their sentiment on the film and one of the remarks goes like this “Great script and cast, love the group of sallu as most loved as dependably and all cast was brilliant. Story was past creative ability and executive kabir khan has guided it to his best and its the best film of salman till now

Salman’s second try for setting up himself as a super wrestler and his exertion for recapturing his appeal and regard according to his better half is brilliant. The mater line is sultan ko keval sultan hara sakta hai… yani koi bhi insan tab tak nahi har sakta hit tak wo khud se na har jaye is exceptionally hypnotizing . Another announcement which ends up being the spirit of the motion picture is ” ye sultan ka daw hai”

Sultan 19th Day worldwide Box Office Total Collection

Sultan first Day Collection: Rs 36.54 Crores, Sultan second Day Collection: Rs 37.32 Crores, Sultan third Day Collection: Rs 31.67 Crores, Sultan fourth Day Collection: Rs 36.62 Crores, Sultan fifth Day Collection: Rs 38.21 Crores, Sultan sixth Day Collection: Rs 15.54 Crores, Sultan seventh Day Collection: Rs 12.92 Crores, Sultan eighth Day Collection: Rs 10.82 Crores, Sultan ninth Day Collection: Rs 9.52 Crores, Sultan tenth Day Collection: Rs 7.43 Crores, Sultan eleventh Day Collection: Rs 11.46 Crores, Sultan twelfth Day Collection: Rs 15.18 Crores, Sultan thirteenth Day Collection: Rs 4.08 Crores, Sultan fourteenth Day Collection: Rs 3.72 Crores, Sultan fifteenth Day Collection: Rs 3.42 Crores, Sultan sixteenth Day Collection: Rs 2.14 Crores, Sultan seventeenth Day Collection: Rs 2.00 Crores*

Sultan‬ – OVERSEAS – Week 2: $ 21.65 million [Rs 145.49 crores] Sultan OVERSEAS [key markets] for Week 2:

USA-CANADA: $ 5.60 mn

UAE-GCC: $ 7.88 mn

UK-IRELAND: $ 2.09 mn

PAKISTAN: $ 2.80 mn

Decent family film worth observing once. Anushka’s acting appeared to be honest to goodness and characteristic. Salman is a star. Pleasant motion picture with light minutes here and there makes it charming when the plunge in the plot is normal.

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